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your idea + my craftsmanship = a one-of-a-kind heirloom


fan fiction binding


Do you want to turn you fan fiction into a real book?


Or create an unforgettable gift for your favorite fan fiction author?

I am happy to bind any work of fan fiction, no matter what the content. 

Please email me before printing any pages so we can discuss the best paper to use for printing.  I will bind the pages you send me, or I can recommend a local printer who can print from digital files.

These are some examples of previous fan fiction binding projects, but your project can be highly customized, or simplified to reduce cost. A cloth-covered hardcover binding - your story bound into a real book - with foil stamped lettering can start at $75.




My customer provided beautifully-printed pages following my instructions on layout and paper type. The pages arrived in single sheets and were oversewn on an oversewing machine with 100% cotton thread. For the look of this cover, it needed to have a soft, gray, "ghost" feel and since the story takes place in New York City, each cover has a raised city skyline, hand-cut from thin board. In this case, the tall, thin lettering, which only works with some layouts, worked well with the skyscraper outline. I love the soft look of these bindings.

fan fiction gray both large



custom set of bound fan fiction - "Grey" and "All the Other Ghosts"


- page size roughly 8" wide by 10" tall

- cover is a soft gray cowhide book leather over hand-cut binder's board and tag board

- raised New York skyline hand-cut from thin tag board and applied to the underlying cover board before the leather was added over it

- titles added to covers and spines using moveable metal type, hot foil stamping, and silver stamping foil

- permanently-attached dark gray ribbon page markers

- beautiful hand-marbled Italian marbled endpapers in a gray stone pattern

- approximately $170 (each)



fan fiction gray stacked large





fan fiction gray front sm


fan fiction gray endpapers sm


fan fiction gray open sm


fan fiction gray spines







This work of fan fiction was bound as a gift for the author. The author's name has been digitially removed from the book cover and spine in these photos at their request since these were stamped with their real name, not their pen name. The story takes place in a beach town and a sandy color for the cover was requested as well a some blue accents (endpapers and ribbon page marker) to suggest the color of water. My customer did a lovely job of page layout and even commissioned some custom art from a fan artist to illustrate the work. The pages were oversewn - a very durable type of sewing for sewing single-sheets - and a cover was built to fit the pages.

fan fiction seagulls whole cover large



fan fiction binding - "Past Indifferent Seasgulls"


- page size roughly 6" wide by 9" tall

 - blue swirled French marbled endpapers

- cover is predominantly tan goatskin leather over carved binder's board and tag board

- seagulls on cover cut by hand from small pieces of thin board and covered with hand-pared paper-thin dark brown goatskin leather, then permanently attached in slightly recessed areas of the cover

- lettering on cover and spine added using moveable metal type, hot foil stamping, and dark brown stamping pigment

- shell on back cover added using a custom metal die, hot foil stamping, and dark brown stamping pigment

- waves on spine added using a custom metal die, hot foil stamping, and blind stamping technique

- approximately $170

fan fiction seagulls front large 1



fan fiction seagulls flat sm


fan fiction seagulls endpaper sm









I love the retro motel wallpaper pattern of this cover, patterned after some of the very distintive wallpaper patterns used in the motel rooms on the TV show Supenatural. This textured cover was created from many layers of hand-cut tag board. See the section "gallery - in progress photos" to see all the steps that went into crafting the project. Though this exact pigskin leather is no long manufactured, raised designs with a slightly softer look can still be accomplished with currently-available book leathers. This book contained several works of Supernatural fan fiction by one author and was ordered as a gift for the author. A custom clamshell box was created to hold the book.

fan fiction motel wallpaper whole cover large


fan fiction binding - "supernatural anthology"*


- page size 8.5" wide by 11" tall

- cover is a discontinued type of pigskin book leather over carved binder's board

- intricate leather decoration on cover is made up of many pieces of hand-cut tag board, layerd to form the raised design before the cover leather is applied

- inset red square is a separate piece, covered individually in hand-pared red piskin leather

- letterig on cover and and spine added using moveable metal type, hot foil stamping, and silver stamping foil

- retro star desig added using a custom metal die, hot foil stamping, and pewter stamping foil

- custom clamshell box covered in black Morocco grain book cloth

- lettering on spine of box in silver foil

- amulet on front of box added using a custom metal die, hot foil stamping, and gold stamping foil

- raised necklace "cord" on box added using glue-impregnated string under the cloth

- PLEASE NOTE: it is rare that any raised design can work with a cloth cover material but the cord was thin and simple enough to be successful

- approximately $380 (book)

- approximately $190 (clamshell box)


*please note that the leather used for the cover of this book is not longer manufactured or available but a slightly softer look can be achieved with raised designs and currently-available goatskin book leather


fan fiction motel wallpaper front sm


fan fiction motel wallpaper book and box sm


fan fiction motel wallpaper box sm





























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